martes, 26 de abril de 2011


I think that Willow isn't her real name, but I never knew which it was... I call her that because she was a Windsome Willow when I saw her first. She was a present for Patricia and, to me, one of the most lovely custom girls I ever did. In this photo she is wearing awesome white Cotswold wool.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


Shirley is a doll of my own collection, she was the first blonde at home. When the PD2 were released I was told by my friend Carmen to buy a Saffy to custom her as an Ichigo Heaven, which by those days was my dream girl. After that, I had the opportunity to buy an Aubrey, and at first sight I decided that her hair was lovely, so I didn't dared to change it. When the time passed, I thought that Saffy was a really lovely girl, and felt that I should have bought her. When the Encores were released, this time I took the opportunity, and I received the Saffy with the best hair I have ever seen. I redid her make up and gave her new eyelashes, carved her lips, boggled her eyes and she became the lovely girl she is now. She reminds me of an actress from the 20's.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011


She is a doll of my own collection, she is a rescued EBL, maybe a Love Mission or a Cherry Berry, but she had been previously customized and a bit damaged. I sculpted and re make up her, with airbrush and chalk pastels, and gave her an awesome Prima Dolly Paris scalp, and she became my first complete white haired custom:

viernes, 22 de abril de 2011


Tristesse is one of the most pampered girls of my dollhouse. She had been a failed experiment and was full of scratches and splotches, so I rescued her and turned in my red-haired princess.
She was a Simply Guava, which I maked up with the intention of giving her dark green hair, but I tried this Precocious Candy scalp on her and she looked so beautiful to me that I decided to leave it on forever. Her full name is Tristesse de la Lune, as the band of darkwave.

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011


This is my sweet Morrigan, she is a Blythe of my own collection. She was born as a Simply Lilac, but now she is a sweet green haired... She has been carved and given a new make up and a Enchanted Petal scalp.

My custom rules.

- I don't like wefted hair.
- I only use best quality saran, wool, mohair or alpaca.
- I don't like rit dyed scalps, I only dye the hair. The scalp line must conserve its original colour as much as possible.
- I don't like aggressive carving in eyes neither in mouth.
- I don't like scalps without a perfect fit.
- I don't like customized Kenners, I only restore them.

Anyway, we all know that sometimes the rules are to be broken ...

Welcome to the party, honey!

Today is the grand opening party. Welcome to the circus life of LoU dolls! Come and see!