miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Exposición Black Vanity en Japan Weekend Madrid

El 8 y 9 de octubre es el Japan Weekend en Madrid, donde Rosa Moliné "Edea" va a exponer una veintena de fotografías donde prima el lado oscuro y gótico de las Blythe, también estaremos por allí mimundoblythe, que llevará algunos de sus broches, haruka y yo, con algunas customs especiales que prepararemos para la ocasión, y el domingo por la mañana tenemos intención de hacer un pequeño tallercito custom, os lo pongo por aquí por si queréis pasaros!

Más info en la página del Japan Weekend Madrid!

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011


I can't believe that I haven't still introduced Carmilla, she is my second vampire and one of the most pampered girls in my dollhouse (I know, I always say this...), but I love vampires so I had to love her... She is a rescued girl and, at first, she was a commission for a friend, but I had to convince him to let me keep her because I fell in love with her! The base doll was a badly damaged Factory Girl, and I reconstructed her face and made her make up with pastels, acrylic paint and colourwater pencils. One pair of eyechips is a full moon and a crescent moon, and in her lids she has a bloodstained white rose. Over her eyes she wears red crystals, and I gave her a Natasha Moore scalp. She has horrible and huge vampire ears! And... the most terrible... also a Licca body!


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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011


Triki is a custom commision for a very special friend, the sweet Queena Gonzalez, you can see her blog here:


She sent her Simply Sparkly Spark to my spa and gave me total freedom to custom her, she suggested that Triki could have teeth, so I made her a charming vampire and, so she doesn't lose her essence, I painted in her lids a tiny Cookie Monster and a Count Draco. Although I love all the vampires I have already custom, Triki is very special to me because she has led me more work and she was enjoying a lot with her cousins, I'm sure that she didn't want to leave my dollhouse! And because I love her mum lots!!!!! 

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martes, 30 de agosto de 2011


Martázul is a custom Blythe which I made specially to swap with a lovely girl and a sweet customizer, Claudinacavaco, when I finished her, I thought that she was the most beautiful custom I had made to the date, and she is still one of my faves...

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lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011


Anjana is my rainbow Blythe, she was a Factory Girl, with a make up very similar to Prima Dolly Paris, and a wanted to make her a spectacular makeover... by then, Olivia was the only mohair doll in my dollhouse, so I thought that it was a good moment to increase my mohair family. I rerooted her scalp plug by plug with a blend of bright colors and, once finished, I straighted her hair. I carved her nose and lips and gave her a new make up with airbrush and chalk pastels... new chips, lashes and... finished! I chose this name for her because I started to reroot her hair in my last holidays in Cantabria, it was a wonderful time, and I wanted that her name would remind me of Cantabria... 

The anjana is the kind being quintessential from Cantabria, she protects honest people, lovers and those who are lost in the woods or on the road.

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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

What's up to Lou now?

So now Lou is stressed ... that's nothing special, Lou always lives stressful, but now she has a small army of Blythes waiting to be customized, and they not only are her own Blythes, but there are a few that are ... other people's! This, of course, involves delivery (not fixed by the mums of the girls, but Lou set by herself, she is very strict for these things!), So... this coming weekend which approaches inexorably is going to be devoted to expedite this task.
At the moment, she is working on a mohair rainbow-colored hair Blythe that I hope to show (complete, of course) as soon as possible ... It's for her own dollhouse, and her name is Anjana, because she was born in Cantabria and she wants to remember that forever.
And then have outstanding Triky, Queena
Gonzalez' girl; a ghost; and Selenita, also Queena Gonzalez'.
And she has heard rumors about a couple of interesting proposals that she doesn't know if they will materialize ... but for now this is all I can tell ...
Soon more!!
(I will update on twitter!)


Bowie started her life as a Cloud 9 Bowl and I loved this girl stock, but she was too sweet to me... and her orange hair not quite convince me at all, so I finally had to custom her... her white skin is perfect, and I loved from her to keep being a super sweet girl, so I make her a super soft make up in blue and changed her scalp by a Simply Peppermint's rit dyed in blue. When I painted a pair of her chips, I noticed that the color of both eyes was a bit different, so I decided to call her Bowie. I sometimes think that she is a very simple doll, even a bit bland, but she is one of my most favorite in my dollhouse.

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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011


Lacrima was an Enchanted Petal... she has passed through a lot of changes to become the redhead that she is today. She is Dorothy's twin because I made both the same day, but Lacrima has also suffered a restoration which ended up being a spectacular makeover. I sculpted and painted her ​​up with acrylics, watercolor pencils and pastels, put on her eyelids red cloth to create texture and ended up changing his scalp by a Cinema Princess' which for me, is one of the most beautiful Blythe scalps of stock. This way she became my red sad princess.

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lunes, 18 de julio de 2011


Bernadette is the doll of my friend Carmen. The poor girl had lost a bit of her lipstick, so she came to my house to undergo repair. She was more a little restoration than a customization, but as this happened on my operating table, I wanted to show her in my blog. She is a very stylish girl!

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011


Miss Sally Rice is one of my favourites stock Blythes ever... she has a wonderful hair colour and a really strange skin. Sybilla came to my home soon after my Enchanted Petal, and I thought that they would look too similar, but they aren't really that much; so I decided keeping them both. Sybilla owes her name to the cold wave Polish band Madame's song. I have given her a new make up with chalk pastels in pink and white, repainted her lips, sculpted her nose and phyltrum and put her new lashes, her eyelids are painted pink and covered with blue lace. Short ago I thought that she would be much more beautiful with this Prima Dolly Mellon scalp, so I gave it to her and then she was totally finished.

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viernes, 24 de junio de 2011


Olivia was my first mohair doll, and it took me a lot of effort to complete her, I was very careful with her reroot because I wanted to be perfect, I used wavy quality mohair and sewed it with the knot method, her hair is softer and brighter than any Blythe I've ever seen, I had wished a black mohair girl for a very long time, and Olivia was finally real! The original model was My Best Friend, and I used for her makeup pastels and watercolor pencils. In this photo she is wearing a lovely outfit made by Almitina.

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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011


I have finally finished Reiko (after a long wait!!!), and now she has to go back with her mum... I'm happy 'cause I'm loving this girl very much and I will see her frequently because her mum, Eva, is my friend, so I couldn't miss her too much... and I'm really glad too because, although she is going, a new girl is coming for my family, she is Sakura, the custom that Eva made for me... I'm anxious to see her!!!!

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martes, 7 de junio de 2011


Lullaby is my gothic girl, she is a rescued Prima Dolly Saffy Encore, I redid her make up with acrylic and pastels and it was sealed with MSC. Her lids are checkered in black and red, and she was given a Bow Wow Trad scalp with a lovely haircut. The dress that she is wearing in the photo was made by Keera, it was a present for winning the contest "Gothic Blythe" in vidas de plástico forum with a picture of Lullaby. She loves Robert Smith to the bones!

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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Time's up!

At this time I've had the girls for sale, I have not received any offer interesting enough, so this weekend I have reconsidered and have decided to keep them in my little family. Whenever I get time, I will make them a small touch, but for now they are staying as they are.

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011


Suspiria was my first Blythe. I must be a really bad mum 'cause I'm pretending to sell her, but she has been like she is now for some time and I'm starting to feel that she needs a change. I love her as she is, but I consider that she deserves more attention than she really has in my dollhouse and, before re-customizing her, I decided to put her for sale. She was in origin a Mademoiselle Rosebud, and now she has a Mod Molly scalp, with a lovely orange hair. She has been make up in shades of grey and white, with pastels and watercolor pencils, and she has tiny freckles and beauty marks, she is a lovely pierrot! Save her before I bring her into the fire again!

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miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Are we crazy or what?

LoU has gone absolutely crazy and decided to sell two customs of her personal collection, Heaven and Suspiria, for a limited time. Do not miss the chance to get hold of them!

You can find more info on vdp or bk, or write me directly to my mail: loudolls@gmail.com

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martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Who's that girl?

Nowadays I'm working on a girl for my lovely friend Eva, her name is Reiko and the base doll is a Simply Sparkly Spark, I have painted her with chalk pastels, crayons and airbrush. She is not finished yet, I still have to paint her lids, changing her chips and lashes, but for now I'm spending all my free time working on her. However, my work is not totally selfless, Eva is also going to make a custom for me, you can see her fantastic work in her blog:


And this is Reiko:

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lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Lolly Moon

Lolly Moon is a custom which I made for a swap, and she is a super special girl, her mom told me what she wanted and, following her instructions, I made her. She was thought to be a super soft girl, with freckels, her hair similar to Mod Molly's and with a frog and a butterfly in her lids. So I dreamt with Lolly Moon and customized her with this result:

Safe Creative #1106289559969

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Price list / Lista de Precios

* Basic makeup: 60€

Open and close head
Boggled and gaze correction
Sleepy eyes
Change of chips and lashes
Eyeshadow and lids with chalk pastel
Lips and blush with pastel and acrylic
MSC UV fixed

* Complete makeup: 90€

Everything in the basic makeup plus:
Mouth, nose, eyes, phyltrum carving with a scalpel and rotary tool
Airbrush makeup, pastel and acrylic
Lower lashes
Freckles or beauty marks
Eyelids or face drawings

* Special:

Lips, nose and phyltrum carving 20€
Eyes carving 15€
Piercings 10€
Tattoos 20€
Freckles or beauty marks 10€
Mohair / saran wefted 30€
Hair strands 15€
Haircut, bangs, curls 15€
Saran plug by plug 100€
Mohair, wool or alpaca with the knot method 140€
Scalp, mohair, wool or alpaca rit dyed: 20€
Scalp paste: 15€
Nude stock Blythe for custom: 70€

(Materials not included in price: chips, lashes, string, hair...).

* * * * *

* Maquillaje básico: 60€

Abrir y cerrar la cabeza
Boggled y gaze correction
Ojos cerrados
Cambio de chips y pestañas
Sombra de ojos y pestañas con pastel
Labios y coloretes con pastel y acrílicos
Fijado con MSC UV

* Maquillaje completo: 90€

Incluye todo lo del maquillaje básico más:
Boca, nariz, ojos y piltrum esculpidos con bisturí y Dremel
Maquillaje con aerógrafo, pastel y acrílicos
Pestañas de abajo
Pecas o lunares
Dibujos en los párpados o en la cara

* Especial:

Labios, nariz y piltrum esculpidos 20€
Ojos esculpidos 15€
Piercings 10€
Tatuajes 20€
Pecas o lunares 10€
Mohair / saran  wefted 30€
Mechas 15€
Corte de pelo, flequillo, rizos 15€
Saran plug by plug 100€
Mohair, lana o alpaca cosida a nudos 140€
Teñir scalp, mohair o lana: 20€
Pegar scalp: 15€
Blythe desnuda de stock lista para customizar: 70€

(Los materiales no se incluyen en el precio: chips, pestañas, cuerda, pelo...).


She is a Simply Sparkly Spark from my own collection, I made her especially for the exhibition "Mojitos y Diseño". She is a dreamer, she loves History and travelling, I called her Heaven by her blue hair and because that is a very special name for me. She has tiny freckles and shiny lids. Right now I am working in other Sparkly Spark custom for my friend Haruka... I will upload photos of her soon!

Safe Creative #1108059807911

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011


Dévotchka was my second EBL, she was a Love Mission and I bought her because I thought that her hair was black, and at receiving her my boy said that she looked like me a lot, and we loved her. After thinking about it a lot, I decided giving her a new make up and personality related to one of my most favourite movies... "A clockwork orange". Now her hair has been changed for a Cherry Berry scalp (although it isn't either completely black... grrr).

Safe Creative #1108199889242

martes, 26 de abril de 2011


I think that Willow isn't her real name, but I never knew which it was... I call her that because she was a Windsome Willow when I saw her first. She was a present for Patricia and, to me, one of the most lovely custom girls I ever did. In this photo she is wearing awesome white Cotswold wool.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


Shirley is a doll of my own collection, she was the first blonde at home. When the PD2 were released I was told by my friend Carmen to buy a Saffy to custom her as an Ichigo Heaven, which by those days was my dream girl. After that, I had the opportunity to buy an Aubrey, and at first sight I decided that her hair was lovely, so I didn't dared to change it. When the time passed, I thought that Saffy was a really lovely girl, and felt that I should have bought her. When the Encores were released, this time I took the opportunity, and I received the Saffy with the best hair I have ever seen. I redid her make up and gave her new eyelashes, carved her lips, boggled her eyes and she became the lovely girl she is now. She reminds me of an actress from the 20's.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011


She is a doll of my own collection, she is a rescued EBL, maybe a Love Mission or a Cherry Berry, but she had been previously customized and a bit damaged. I sculpted and re make up her, with airbrush and chalk pastels, and gave her an awesome Prima Dolly Paris scalp, and she became my first complete white haired custom:

viernes, 22 de abril de 2011


Tristesse is one of the most pampered girls of my dollhouse. She had been a failed experiment and was full of scratches and splotches, so I rescued her and turned in my red-haired princess.
She was a Simply Guava, which I maked up with the intention of giving her dark green hair, but I tried this Precocious Candy scalp on her and she looked so beautiful to me that I decided to leave it on forever. Her full name is Tristesse de la Lune, as the band of darkwave.

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011


This is my sweet Morrigan, she is a Blythe of my own collection. She was born as a Simply Lilac, but now she is a sweet green haired... She has been carved and given a new make up and a Enchanted Petal scalp.

My custom rules.

- I don't like wefted hair.
- I only use best quality saran, wool, mohair or alpaca.
- I don't like rit dyed scalps, I only dye the hair. The scalp line must conserve its original colour as much as possible.
- I don't like aggressive carving in eyes neither in mouth.
- I don't like scalps without a perfect fit.
- I don't like customized Kenners, I only restore them.

Anyway, we all know that sometimes the rules are to be broken ...

Welcome to the party, honey!

Today is the grand opening party. Welcome to the circus life of LoU dolls! Come and see!