viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011


Suspiria was my first Blythe. I must be a really bad mum 'cause I'm pretending to sell her, but she has been like she is now for some time and I'm starting to feel that she needs a change. I love her as she is, but I consider that she deserves more attention than she really has in my dollhouse and, before re-customizing her, I decided to put her for sale. She was in origin a Mademoiselle Rosebud, and now she has a Mod Molly scalp, with a lovely orange hair. She has been make up in shades of grey and white, with pastels and watercolor pencils, and she has tiny freckles and beauty marks, she is a lovely pierrot! Save her before I bring her into the fire again!

Safe Creative #1106079401188

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