martes, 30 de agosto de 2011


Martázul is a custom Blythe which I made specially to swap with a lovely girl and a sweet customizer, Claudinacavaco, when I finished her, I thought that she was the most beautiful custom I had made to the date, and she is still one of my faves...

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lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011


Anjana is my rainbow Blythe, she was a Factory Girl, with a make up very similar to Prima Dolly Paris, and a wanted to make her a spectacular makeover... by then, Olivia was the only mohair doll in my dollhouse, so I thought that it was a good moment to increase my mohair family. I rerooted her scalp plug by plug with a blend of bright colors and, once finished, I straighted her hair. I carved her nose and lips and gave her a new make up with airbrush and chalk pastels... new chips, lashes and... finished! I chose this name for her because I started to reroot her hair in my last holidays in Cantabria, it was a wonderful time, and I wanted that her name would remind me of Cantabria... 

The anjana is the kind being quintessential from Cantabria, she protects honest people, lovers and those who are lost in the woods or on the road.

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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

What's up to Lou now?

So now Lou is stressed ... that's nothing special, Lou always lives stressful, but now she has a small army of Blythes waiting to be customized, and they not only are her own Blythes, but there are a few that are ... other people's! This, of course, involves delivery (not fixed by the mums of the girls, but Lou set by herself, she is very strict for these things!), So... this coming weekend which approaches inexorably is going to be devoted to expedite this task.
At the moment, she is working on a mohair rainbow-colored hair Blythe that I hope to show (complete, of course) as soon as possible ... It's for her own dollhouse, and her name is Anjana, because she was born in Cantabria and she wants to remember that forever.
And then have outstanding Triky, Queena
Gonzalez' girl; a ghost; and Selenita, also Queena Gonzalez'.
And she has heard rumors about a couple of interesting proposals that she doesn't know if they will materialize ... but for now this is all I can tell ...
Soon more!!
(I will update on twitter!)


Bowie started her life as a Cloud 9 Bowl and I loved this girl stock, but she was too sweet to me... and her orange hair not quite convince me at all, so I finally had to custom her... her white skin is perfect, and I loved from her to keep being a super sweet girl, so I make her a super soft make up in blue and changed her scalp by a Simply Peppermint's rit dyed in blue. When I painted a pair of her chips, I noticed that the color of both eyes was a bit different, so I decided to call her Bowie. I sometimes think that she is a very simple doll, even a bit bland, but she is one of my most favorite in my dollhouse.

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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011


Lacrima was an Enchanted Petal... she has passed through a lot of changes to become the redhead that she is today. She is Dorothy's twin because I made both the same day, but Lacrima has also suffered a restoration which ended up being a spectacular makeover. I sculpted and painted her ​​up with acrylics, watercolor pencils and pastels, put on her eyelids red cloth to create texture and ended up changing his scalp by a Cinema Princess' which for me, is one of the most beautiful Blythe scalps of stock. This way she became my red sad princess.

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