lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011


Anjana is my rainbow Blythe, she was a Factory Girl, with a make up very similar to Prima Dolly Paris, and a wanted to make her a spectacular makeover... by then, Olivia was the only mohair doll in my dollhouse, so I thought that it was a good moment to increase my mohair family. I rerooted her scalp plug by plug with a blend of bright colors and, once finished, I straighted her hair. I carved her nose and lips and gave her a new make up with airbrush and chalk pastels... new chips, lashes and... finished! I chose this name for her because I started to reroot her hair in my last holidays in Cantabria, it was a wonderful time, and I wanted that her name would remind me of Cantabria... 

The anjana is the kind being quintessential from Cantabria, she protects honest people, lovers and those who are lost in the woods or on the road.

Safe Creative #1108229908615

2 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful vibrant colours you have used. I wish I had the knowledge AND THE COURAGE to remake a doll. Maybe oneday!

  2. You have to try! It's much easier than it seems! ;)