viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

What's up to Lou now?

So now Lou is stressed ... that's nothing special, Lou always lives stressful, but now she has a small army of Blythes waiting to be customized, and they not only are her own Blythes, but there are a few that are ... other people's! This, of course, involves delivery (not fixed by the mums of the girls, but Lou set by herself, she is very strict for these things!), So... this coming weekend which approaches inexorably is going to be devoted to expedite this task.
At the moment, she is working on a mohair rainbow-colored hair Blythe that I hope to show (complete, of course) as soon as possible ... It's for her own dollhouse, and her name is Anjana, because she was born in Cantabria and she wants to remember that forever.
And then have outstanding Triky, Queena
Gonzalez' girl; a ghost; and Selenita, also Queena Gonzalez'.
And she has heard rumors about a couple of interesting proposals that she doesn't know if they will materialize ... but for now this is all I can tell ...
Soon more!!
(I will update on twitter!)

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