lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


Shirley is a doll of my own collection, she was the first blonde at home. When the PD2 were released I was told by my friend Carmen to buy a Saffy to custom her as an Ichigo Heaven, which by those days was my dream girl. After that, I had the opportunity to buy an Aubrey, and at first sight I decided that her hair was lovely, so I didn't dared to change it. When the time passed, I thought that Saffy was a really lovely girl, and felt that I should have bought her. When the Encores were released, this time I took the opportunity, and I received the Saffy with the best hair I have ever seen. I redid her make up and gave her new eyelashes, carved her lips, boggled her eyes and she became the lovely girl she is now. She reminds me of an actress from the 20's.

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