viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011


I can't believe that I haven't still introduced Carmilla, she is my second vampire and one of the most pampered girls in my dollhouse (I know, I always say this...), but I love vampires so I had to love her... She is a rescued girl and, at first, she was a commission for a friend, but I had to convince him to let me keep her because I fell in love with her! The base doll was a badly damaged Factory Girl, and I reconstructed her face and made her make up with pastels, acrylic paint and colourwater pencils. One pair of eyechips is a full moon and a crescent moon, and in her lids she has a bloodstained white rose. Over her eyes she wears red crystals, and I gave her a Natasha Moore scalp. She has horrible and huge vampire ears! And... the most terrible... also a Licca body!


Safe Creative #1109230117881

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  1. Las vampiras no me tiran mucho, pero esta es preciosa, las salpicaduras de sangre están super conseguidas y me encanta el brillo de los parpados y el color en contraste con el rojo vino del scalp y los labios.
    Muy buen gusto, sí señor, enhorabuena por esta pekeña.


  2. Oh please show her ears ... I have never seen vampire ears!!! You have me mesmerised with this girl ... I can see why she is a keeper.

  3. I agree, more photos please! And that goes for all our girls - or at least links to where we might see more...

    I think Factory Girls make wonderful custom base dolls - their transformation from humble, sometimes frankenstein body-part makeup to beautifully realised personality is part of their mystery and story.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Carita de nube, me alegro mucho de que te guste! Tardé mucho en terminar de decidir su diseño... quería que fuese muy especial, porque mi otra vampira era la niña mimada de la casa y no quería que Carmilla se sintiese excluida...;)

    Blythe Ghost, I'm going to upload another photo with her ears!!!! XD

    beka, thanks a lot for your sweet comments! I'll also include a link to her flick gallery... :D

  5. She's the bad vampire at home, Charlotte is scary everytime!

  6. Tremendo trabajazo guapa! No la había visto pero es una pasada :D