miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011


Miss Sally Rice is one of my favourites stock Blythes ever... she has a wonderful hair colour and a really strange skin. Sybilla came to my home soon after my Enchanted Petal, and I thought that they would look too similar, but they aren't really that much; so I decided keeping them both. Sybilla owes her name to the cold wave Polish band Madame's song. I have given her a new make up with chalk pastels in pink and white, repainted her lips, sculpted her nose and phyltrum and put her new lashes, her eyelids are painted pink and covered with blue lace. Short ago I thought that she would be much more beautiful with this Prima Dolly Mellon scalp, so I gave it to her and then she was totally finished.

Safe Creative #1108039796815

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